General Information

Code Enforcement

Our Code Enforcement officers work to uphold standards which protect the health, safety, welfare, and property values of the town’s residents and businesses. These standards are enforced by our code enforcement officers within the Building Inspections and Zoning Department.

Reporting Potential Violations:

In an effort to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all citizens, we welcome the support and assistance of the community in reporting potential violations. You may download a complaint form here and email to

  • Junk & Nuisance Vehicles
  • Junk, Trash, Debris
  • Tall Grass, Weeds
  • Minimum Housing Code
  • Commercial Oil & Grease Control Issues
  • Construction/Signs without Required Permit(s)
  • Zoning Violations
  • Sidewalk Obstruction

Complaint Process:

In order to have concerns addressed, several steps must take place.  They are as follow:

  1. Problem identification (through citizen complaint or officer detection)
  2. Investigation by a code enforcement officer
  3. Notice of abatement will be issued detailing City ordinance violation
  4. Time given for the property owner to respond to notice by attending a hearing or by correcting the violation
  5. After that time has elapsed, a second inspection is conducted on the property
  6. If the property is not brought into compliance, such condition(s) will be removed or otherwise remedied by having employees of the town or an independent contractor remove or abate the nuisance.
  7. Property owner is billed by the Town for payment of services rendered to bring property into compliance