Demolition Commercial and Residential Requirements

To Obtain a Permit:

Minimum Information needed to complete an application for demolition.

  1. Project Address.
  2. Property Owners name.
  3. Tax Parcel Number (May be obtained from County Tax Office).
  4. Total Contract Price.
  5. Demolition contractor, name and phone number.
  6. Full description of work to be accomplished.
  7. If work is in the Historic District, approval from the Historic Committee will be required.
  8. Notification of Public Works (252-332-5146)
  9. Notification of the Electric Company
  10. If this is a Town Bid Contract Job, a signed agreement must be on file.

Commercial Demolition

Additional Information that may be required.

  1. A/C systems must be evacuated by a licensed individual with documentation.
  2. Notification of the Fire Marshall (252-332-3322).
  3. Copy of Workman’s Compensation.
  4. Copy of DEHNR Application and Notification (Pat Currin 919-733-0820).
  5. Complex jobs may require additional information.

What is the Cost of the permit?

Total cost is $100.00.

Can I get the Permit the Same day?

Generally, yes, as long as all information is provided.

When do I need to call for an Inspector?

This should be coordinated with the Inspector when the permit is issued.