Building Inspections

Mission Statement

The Town of Ahoskie Inspection Department is committed to the protection of the life, safety, health and welfare of all of its citizens by complying with local, state, and federal laws by ensuring that the public and private buildings are constructed or remodeled in accordance with minimum codes; and, all services are provided at the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. 

Building Inspections

The Town of Ahoskie Inspection Department is responsible for the enforcement of the North Carolina State Building Codes within the Town of Ahoskie jurisdiction. 
This includes the review and issuance of all permits for construction of commercial, single family, multi-family, buildings and structures. 
Permits are also issued for accessory structures such as swimming pools, decks, storage buildings, garages, carports, etc. 
Once approved regular inspections are made on each permit issued and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued after the completion of the project. 
The department also enforces the Minimum Housing Code of the Town of Ahoskie.

The Building Inspections Office

Permits and questions may be submitted electronically to  
(252) 862-8402