Commercial Building Permit Requirements

Requirements for Commercial Building Permits


  • When required by “Code” plans must be drawn and sealed by a Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Summary Sheet Appendix “B”
  • Energy Compliance
  • Soil Bearing and/or Compaction report
  • Footing Details
  • Foundation Details
  • Floor-Wall-Roof Framing Details
  • Floor-Wall-Roof Plan
  • Accessible ramp and/or bathroom plans
  • Interior Finish Schedule
  • Firestop and Draftstop


  • Fixtures
  • DWV system schematics (traps, cleanouts, vents)
  • Water distribution schematics
  • Gas Piping schematics
  • HWH location
  • Special (interceptor, grease traps, ect).


  • Service Equipment location
  • Riser diagram (showing all conductor and ground sizes)
  • Service/Panel/Feeder over current protection
  • Transformer over current protection
  • Panel schedules with load calculations
  • Schematic showing all conductor sizes and material type
  • Motor H.P. and disconnects
  • Hazardous locations
  • Emergency systems and lights


  • Equipment type/size/location
  • Ductwork type/size/location/insulation
  • Exhaust fans CFM’s
  • Smoke detection and return
  • Fire Dampers
  • Gas Piping Schematics
  • Roof located equipment and accessibility
  • All equipment BTU/CFM/Tons, ect.


  • Standard used (13, 13R, 231, ect).
  • Water connection location
  • Fire pump data
  • Type of system (wet, dry, ect).
  • Pipe schedule or hydraulic
  • Total flow and pressure demand
  • Size, location and main riser showing FDC
  • Note any unprotected areas
  • Show and describe evacuation alarm
  • Show and describe electrical connections to central station
  • If hydraulic design
  • a. design density/area
  • b. type and model sprinkler heads
  • c. discharge constant (X)
  • d. Hazen-Williams C Factor


  • Plans for food service usage must be submitted/approved by the Hertford County Health Department before a permit can be issued.
  • When located within the Primary Fire District, additional building restrictions may apply.
  • When located within a Flood Zone, a Flood Elevation Certificate is required.
  • If located within the A.E.C. (Area of Environmental Concern) a CAMA (Coastal Area Management Act) permit will be required.
  • Sealed Plot Plan required, showing all existing and/or proposed structures, including distances from the property lines, if not already on file, a copy of the survey map or county tax map of the property must be submitted.
  • A Fire Permit (sprinkler/alarm) and/or plan review is required from the Fire Marshall.
  • A Soil sedimentation Control Plan is required if one or more acres is disturbed.


  • One copy of drawings must be submitted with completed application.
  • Copy of Workman’s Compensation Coverage.
  • Dept. of Insurance review is required in some applications.
  • Additional information may be required.