General Information

Tourism Development Authority

Members Promoting Travel and Tourism 

Purpose: to further the development of travel, tourism in and around the Town of Ahoskie

Appointment of Membership:

The Town of Ahoskie Tourism Development Authority consists of 6 members – 6 members appointed by Town Council; two members who are owners or operators of a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental management company, with 100 or less rental units, three members actively involved in tourist business who have participated in tourism promotion and who do not own or operate a hotel, motel or other taxable tourist accommodation; one member of Town Council (who is a voting member and 1 ex-officio non-voting member). 

Powers and Duties:

Upon the Tourism Development Authority member’s appointment shall study the tourism industry of the Town of Ahoskie and the most effective means of enhancing and promoting that industry and recommends any plans, action and programs, which will, in accordance with the powers granted herein, serve to enhance and improve the tourism industry of the Town of Ahoskie. The Town of Ahoskie confers upon the TDA the following power and duties:

 A. To promote travel, tourism and corporate travel in the Town of Ahoskie, sponsor tourist related events and activities in the Town, and finance tourist related capital projects in the Town.  

Meeting Date: Quarterly (January, April, July and October) the first Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m. The normal length of the meeting is one to two hours.

 Minimum Term is 2 years:

 Maximum Term is 3 years

Any organization or business may submit an application for consideration for the TDA to give funding for the promotion of travel and/or tourism in and around the Town of Ahoskie. Please see the link for the application below:

TDA Application Revised July 2019.pdf