Detached Residential Accessory Building


To Obtain a Permit:

The minimum information needed to complete an application for an Accessory Building Permit:

  • Project address.
  • Property owner’s name.
  • Tax Parcel # (may be obtained from the tax office, if not on file).
  • Total contract cost.
  • Contractor, phone #.
  • Full description of work to be done.
  • Plot plan showing dimensions of accessory building and size of primary structure.

What is the Cost of the Permit?

  • Zoning Fee for fences, sheds & porches is $75.00
  • Accessory Buildings/Structures Permit fee is $55.00
  • Trade fee $55.00 per trade

Can I Get the Permit the Same Day?

  • Generally, yes.  The application must be reviewed/approved by the Zoning Department before a permit can be issued.

When Do I Need to Call for an Inspection?

  • This needs to be coordinated with the inspector at the time the permit is issued.

I Live Outside the Town Limit.  Do I Need a Permit?

  • Yes, as a minimum the Zoning Department will need to review your project for compliance.

Will I Need a Plot Plan?

  • Yes, showing all existing and/or proposed structures, including distances from the property lines.  A copy of a survey map or a hand drawn copy to scale will be accepted.

CAMA Permits Required?

  • If the project is located in the Area of Environmental Concern, with 75’ of a water body, a CAMA Permit will be required.

Is a Licensed Contractor Required?

  • If the total project cost is $30,000 or more, then a General Contractor’s License is required.  All other trades are required to be licensed.

Are Flood Gates Required?

  • Yes, if located within the A-Zone (100-year flood area) gates or dampers must be installed.