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Waste Industries Schedule

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The Ahoskie Town Council after much discussion during the budget sessions and in an effort to provide better and more services effective July 1, 2013 the Town of Ahoskie will change contractors for Solid Waste Collection to Waste Industries. After June 30, 2013 municipal residents will no longer be able to place household garbage in the containers provided by GDS. GDS will be picking up their rollout carts and recycle bins within the next 2 weeks, please have them available at curbside. Waste Industry has already started delivering their recycle carts (rollout) to each resident which will be collected every other week on the same day your household garbage is collected. A schedule will be delivered by Waste Industry with your cart. In addition to the recycle cart, each resident will receive a new rollout cart for household garbage. The household garbage collection will be each week, with the exception that Waste Industry has chosen to divide the community into four sections, Section 1 will be collected Monday, Section 2 will be collected Tuesday, Section 3 will be collected Wednesday and Section four collected Thursday with Friday as a catch up day for those missed. Please refer to the map listed with this article for what section you live in and your collection date, also Waste Industry will provide a calendar with collection days and section identifications. Initially each resident will be delivered 1 recycle and 1 household cart each containing a serial number assigning that cart to a specific location and items for each type of cart cannot be co-mingled. In addition and unlike with GDS, Waste Industry will be responsible for repairing broken carts and providing additional carts (at a monthly cost) should you need one, they will deliver requested carts and provide the Town Hall with that information to include the serial number.


Please click here to view Waste Industries Schedule.