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Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities


Adopt A Spot Program

The Town of Ahoskie Recreation & Parks Department facilitates "Adopt-a-Spot" partnership that provides an opportunity for citizens to better connect with their community. Projects range from park clean-ups, landscaping, tree planting, and general sprucing up.

There are many "spots" available for adoption throughout the town such as Miricle on Main Street, Freddy Hall Park, Julius W. Futrell Park, HD Cooper Park, The Recreation Center, Bearfield Primary, Ahoskie Elementary, Hertford County High School and the Ahoskie Creek Recreational Complex (by sections).

Help us enhance the beauty of our community by participating in the "Adopt-a-Spot" Program. You can make a difference.

Anyone interested in learning more about this program, please call 252-332-5146.


Ahoskie Memorial Bench Project

Ahoskie Memorial Bench ProjectThe Ahoskie Bench Program allows citizens to contribute to the cost of installing a park bench at one of the town's parks including No Man's Land, Recreation Department, the Ahoskie Creek Recreational Complex or many other sites. The current cost of a standard bench is $650.

The attractive new benches are made of recycled plastic, which is environmentally and maintenance friendly. The bench fee covers the cost of the bench and standard memorial engraving. Bench installation and ongoing maintenance cost will be paid by the town. Bench donations are accepted on the basis that they will be maintained for 10 years at a specific park location, after which the disposition of the gift is at the sole discretion of the Town of Ahoskie.

Former bench owners will have priority regarding replacement sites.

If you are interested in bench donation, please contact 252-332-5146.


Park Contribution Levels

  • Plant a Tree $250
    • Donor receives a special Plant A Tree Certificate recognizing the gift.
  • Trash Recepicles $450
  • Bench $650
  • Bike Rack $500
  • Picnic Table $1,000
  • Drinking Fountain $1,500
  • Viewing Benches $4,500
    • Name etched in item 


Contribution Levels