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Planning Board and Board of Adjustment

Ahoskie Planning Board/Board of Adjustment


Meeting Date: Monthly; (1st Wednesday of the current month at 6:00 P.M.)


Purpose: The Planning Board is to make proper decision making on land use decisions.  The Board of Adjustment serves as a Quasi-Judicial Board in making decisions .


Appointment of Membership:

The Planning Board and Board of Adjustment are implemented together. Your terms will expire on June 30th and the end of the fiscal year. The terms consist of a three (3) year term.


Powers and Duties:

Upon the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment member’s appointment; the Planning Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Council in land use decisions. The Board of Adjustment serves as a quasi-judicial board in making decisions regarding variance requests, requests for conditional use permits and handling appeals of zoning decisions made by the zoning enforcement officer.


The Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment are both comprised of appointed members that serve 3-year terms. 


The Board:


Inside City

                                    NAME                                                TERM EXPIRES

                                    Charles Reynolds                            06/30/21

                                    Meryl Brown                                   06/30/20

                                    Quinton Turman                            06/30/20

                                    Wendy Ruffin-Barnes                    06/30/20

                                    Dennis M. Deloatch                       06/30/20


Outside City

                                 Kerry Barr                                         06/30/20

                           *     Andre Lassiter                                 06/30/21


* Denotes ETJ Representative

Meeting Dates:  First Wednesday Night at 6:00p.m.

Location:  Fire Station