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Town of Ahoskie
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Clock in Downtown Ahoskie


Ahoskie, the largest community in Hertford County, is located in the northeastern part of North Carolina on the Pleasure Route, US Highway 13, and is 24 miles south of the Virginia line. The elevation is 60 feet above sea level while covering an area of 4.5 square miles or 2786 acres.

Ahoskie enjoys a temperate climate with cold, but never severe, winters and moderately warm summers. The frost-free growing season in our area is about 210 days, extending from the last killing frost around April 8 to the first killing frost around November 8.


The population is approximately 5,479, just large enough to attract big business, but small enough to be neighborly.


Ahoskie is governed by a Mayor and Town Council, with elections every two years all serving four year terms. The Mayor and one councilmember serves at-large while the remaining four are elected from two seperate districts.  The town also employs a Town Manager.

New Fire Station

Fire and Police Protection

There are 21 full-time and 4 auxiliary policemen on the police force. There are 5 full-time and 2 part-time firemen and 24 volunteer firemen in the fire department.  Water pressure is 50-60 pounds. Both fire and police protection is extended to the rural areas as well as the immediate Town of Ahoskie.

Water and Sewer Systems

Ahoskie has deep wells for water and uses elevated storage tanks.   While Ahoskie has a spray irrigation land application wastewater treatment facility for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. it is in the final stages of completing a 1.6 million gallon per day state of the art reuse facility.


Electricity is furnished by the Dominion North Carolina Power Company and the Roanoke Electric Membership Cooperative. Liquefied petroleum gas is available for domestic space heating and industrial purposes.  Piedmont Natural Gas service is available for industry and residents of Ahoskie.